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Hello.... My name is Ed Athey.

I make my home near Oxford, FL just south of Ocala, FL with my wife Ruth Ann.  
We have a dog named Rosa, a horse we call Lady and a cat that lives in the barn
with no name.

I'm over the retirement age and have more ideas than I've ever had.  I hope I'll
have enough time to see at least a couple ideas to the finish.  We take time to 
really enjoy each other and look forward to each day.  My wife says I'm like a
goose, I wake up in a different world each morning.  I'm just glad I wake up!!

Our modest home isn't all that much -- but it's ours!  We live a good life, my
wife Ruth Ann likes to shop and I like to fish. (What a deal!).

Thomas Edison once said, "the things I like to build are for the common man", he was right, only the common man can appreciate the common things in life.

Anytime I think of a new idea I first figure out how it will benefit the common man like myself.  For me eating a can of pork @ beans can be much more satisfying than sitting at a kings table (I don't know any kings, but I do know a couple of good old boys -- lets eat!!

                                                    The best things in life to me are thinking for myself and thanking god I live
                                    in the best country in the world.  For those that don't think it's the best,
                                    must spend a lot of time in front of a TV letting the idiots in "Hollyweird"
                                    tell you how to act and what to think.

                                                    Fishing, horses, and motorcycles have been my interest all my life.
                                    Motorcycles and horses are still on my mind but my butt is in my boat most
                                    of the time fishing.

For many years I've been thinking about how to keep live bait alive without all the hassle of batteries, bubblers, oxygen pills and wiring.  Three years ago I started trying different ways to do just that, to keep my bait alive longer.  First I tried a 5 gallon bucket with holes drilled in it.  That worked, but I couldn't pull it very fast and it dragged bottom in shallow water.  I knew it would work but I didn't have the right design.  Well after about 25 or so more designs I came up with the saucer shape.  Then after another 25 or so tries the Dynamic Flow Bait Saver was born.  

The Dynamic Flow Bait Saver is not for sale at this time but with your 
help it will be available on store shelves much sooner.

Thanks a lot for looking at my website.    

I hope you catch that big one today!!

Ed Athey